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Hoppin' for Destinations

Hoppin' is the Original Social VR Network for Real Life Destinations.

What can Hoppin' do for you?

First and foremost, Hoppin’ is an application that hopes to use the power of virtual reality to promote real life destinations or events. We wish to help our users discover the world and plan their next trip.

As a destination, Hoppin’ allows our users to teleport in your publications in groups or alone.

We also offer branded private rooms which allows you or your representative to meet with potential customers in your locations, saving on travel expense and time.

Finaly, Hoppin’ has a proprietary CMS allowing easy transfer of your existing 360  content, and we work with an ever expanding international network of studios to help you with your content creation needs.

Here's A Quick Demo

Hoppin’ is currently available for the Meta Quest 1 and 2 on the Oculus Apps Lab.

For Municipalities, Cities & Governments

Open Your City To The World

What if you could demonstrate all the greatest parts of your city, at the best time of the year, increasing the interest of people worldwide?

  • Your dedicated virtual room to meet your clients
  • Main attractions in 360 videos available from anywhere in the world.
  • Patent-pending avatar virtual tours
  • Live immersive performances (coming soon)
  • Possibility to monetize through pay-per-access (coming soon).

For Museums, Galleries & Experience Providers

Bring Your Exposition In VR

Offer virtual tours to increase awareness and sales around the world. Regardless of physical constraints, offer people the opportunity to live your experience from the safety of their home.

  • Have users meet together in your experience
  • Offer In-Virtual-Person Virtual Tours
    using customer service avatars
  • Dedicated Virtual Tours
  • Provide Live immersive performances  (coming soon)
  • This includes Museums, Art Galleries, Performing Artists, Parks, Landmarks, Activities, Resorts, Etc.

For Event & Conference Providers

Stream Your Event To An Unlimited Number of Attendees

Offer never-before-seen immersion for your conference and event attendees. 

Whether as a stand alone VR solution, or as a complimentary one to your online solution, this will bring your event & conference to the next level.

  • Easy pay per access functionalities
  • Live Shows & Conference Speakers with control over the event flow
  • Ongoing Events through recordings 
  • Fireside Chats anywhere in the world (such as the Eiffel tower, Whistler, Natural Environments)
  • This also includes Festivals, Live Shows, Global Conferences, Fashion Showings & Wellness Events

For Fortune 2000 Companies & Luxury Brokers

Empower Your Sales Force

Offer guided sales tours in face to face meetings, saving time and money for you and your prospects.

Regardless of physical constraints, give your team the ability to sell virtually from the safety of their home or office in the best video and audio quality available on the Quest 2 headset. 

  • Offer In-Virtual-Person Guided Tours 
    Using Customer Service Avatars
  • Have teams and clients meet together in your locations
  • Set up controlled sales environments bringing your prospects on a journey
  • Provide Live Immersive performances

This includes;

  • Commercial & Residential Real Estate Brokers to sell properties
  • Luxury Goods Brokers to sell yachts, art, jets and more
  • Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Any other organization that will benefit from giving live guided tours remotely

Offer Your Real-World Experience Virtually

Help Your Clients With Our Easy, Quick & Effortless Solution

Public Location Options

You can choose to have locations available for all users to enjoy year-round

Enhance Experiences

Using customized interactions such as room branding, interactive hotspots and maps, provide a truely interactive experience

Local & Global Use Case

Use your content and headsets to increase conversions locally - to showcase your offering globally

Private 360 Meetings

Opt for Private rooms to meet with potential or current clients and customers virtually

Present & Sell Remotely

Sell your destination(s), experience(s) or product(s) through an immerse platform

Control The Experience

Show the best of what you have to offer, whether it be an ongoing location or a one-time event

THEY are already creating WAVES through Hoppin'

Discover Who's on

Browse the latest content added by the Hoppin’ team and our partners available to browse on the VR application.

Discover Who's on Hoppin'

Browse the latest content added by the Hoppin’ team and our partners available to browse on the VR application.

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