Working @ Hoppin' World

Wondering what working with us is like? 

Working in our industry means being at the forefront of the adoption of new technologies. It’s shattering the status quo, developping new ways to interact with the people and the world around us. 

We aim to harness the power of the virtual world to help our user discover the real world. 

Working with Hoppin’, it’s joining a growing company dedicated to innovation. We take care of our coworkers, and we aim to recognize their contribution and reward them accordingly. We love celebrating our successes together, but we are at our best when we work together to overcome obstacles!

Our Perks

100% Remote, we don’t want you stuck in traffic for hours!

Flexible schedule if you need to go to the vet or you ate too much chocolate…

Celebrate success! We try to get togheter after each achievements.


You get to use your VR headsets to play outside working time, if you feel like it… We won’t force you.


Our Values

Everyday, we strive to be

Authentic and Inclusive

Fun, Innovative and Curious

Open, Honest and Collaborative

Our Promise

At Hoppin’, we have the firm engagement to treat you with respect. Everyone is important, from Intern to the CEO. 

We can’t have an open door policy since we are all remote, but we do have an open Slack policy. Whatever the issue, we won’t let you drown on your own.

Our Culture

At Hoppin’, we encourage you:

  • To be yourself, even if you are from Jupiter
  • Ask for help without losing your SuperHero aura
  • Offer to help your collegues when you can
  • Celebrate your coworkers achievements
  • Make errors, as long as you learn from them
  • Share pictures of cats, skyscrappers or onion soup on Slack