real-world Experiences
to people in a virtual setting

What's Hoppin' ?

Here's A Quick Demo Of The Overall App

What's Hoppin' ?

Here's A Demo Of The Private Side - With A Client Prospect


We wanted to help bring people together in a fun and innovative way.

Regardless of physical constraints and mobility needs.

Without boundaries of money, time and space.


So we built Hoppin’; 

A place where anyone can virtually meet up in real world places, and hang out with their friends and loved ones.

For Municipalities, Cities & Governments

Open Your City To The World

What if you could demonstrate all the greatest parts of your city, at the best time of the year, increasing the interest of people worldwide?

  • Your dedicated virtual channel
  • Main attractions in 360 video
  • Live immersive performances
  • Patent-pending avatar virtual tours

For Museums, Galleries & Experience Providers

Bring Your Art, Activity or Location In VR - Offer Virtual Tours

Offer virtual tours to increase awareness and sales around the world. 

Regardless of physical constraints, offer people the opportunity to live your experience from the safety of their home. 

  • Have users meet together in your experience
  • Offer In-Virtual-Person Virtual Tours
    using customer service avatars
  • Dedicated Virtual Tours (Paid & Unpaid)
  • Provide Live immersive performances
  • This includes Museums, Art Galleries, Performing Artists, Parks, Landmarks, Activities, Resorts, Etc.
For A Limited Time Only!

For Event & Conference Providers

Stream Your Event To An Unlimited Number of Attendees

Offer never-before-seen immersion for your conference and event attendees. 

Whether as a stand alone VR solution, or as a complimentary one to your online solution, this will bring your event & conference to the next level.

  • Easy pay per access functionalities
  • Live Shows & Conference Speakers with control over the event flow
  • Ongoing Events through recordings 
  • Fireside Chats anywhere in the world (such as the Eiffel tower, Whistler, Natural Environments)
  • This also includes Festivals, Live Shows, Global Conferences, Fashion Showings & Wellness Events
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Offer Your Real-World Experience Virtually

Help Your Clients With Our Easy, Quick & Effortless Solution

Public Location Options

You can choose to have locations available for all users to enjoy year-round

Enhance Experiences

Using Customized Interactions such as grabbing objects, playing games, and adding icons around the avatars

Local & Global Use Case

Use your content and headsets to increase conversions locally - to showcase your offering globally

Private 360 Meetings

Opt for Private rooms to meet with potential or current clients and customers virtually

Present & Sell Remotely

Sell your destination(s), experience(s) or product(s) through an immerse platform

Control The Experience

Show the best of what you have to offer, whether it be an ongoing location or a one-time event

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So How Does It Work?

Users Download The Hoppin' App For Free

On The Oculus Store

1 - Users Find Hoppin' On The Oculus Store
2 - Invite Friends & Family
connect with people in social vr - hoppin'
3a - Teleport To Your Destination(s)
Meet with avatars - hoppin'
3b - And Experience What You Have To Offer
meet in cool places virtually - hoppin
4 - With An Interactive Menu
hangout out together virtually - hoppin
5 - And The Ability To Get More Info
learn more and share- hoppin-min



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