Today we will learn how you can use multi-user VR to better sell your experience.

Virtual reality. Doesn’t the term seem to be straight out of a sci-fi film? Something that seems to be too far fetched and unrealistic? 

Well, bygone are those days.

Virtual reality is here to set the tone for the upcoming decades. But, as a marketer or sales director, why should give a dime about it? Well, because it can help you and your business to stand out of the crowd.

According to a recent report, the VR/AR market is expected to grow to a $ 209.2 billion industry by 2022. Moreover, bigger companies and firms are already using VR to ramp up their online. It has been forecasted that the worldwide spending on VR content and apps is to reach $3.77 billion in 2021.



Virtual reality is here to stay and if you want that for your business too, then read through this article.



What is VR/AR? 


Virtual Reality: This is a term used for any sort of experience that strategically places the user into a completely another world or dimension. The term may be used to refer to an entirely digital world or worlds that amalgamate a mix of real and virtual.



Augmented Reality: It refers to the technology where content is “placed into” the real world using a device, such as a camera on your mobile phone. The perfect example of this would be the global-phenomenon, Pokémon Go.



Social Virtual Reality: This refers to having people meet in virtual environments as avatars to speak and interact with each other. As a company, you can use multi-user VR to better sell, an example of this would be Hoppin’. As an individual, you can use multi-user VR to hangout and meet friends, family and loved ones from anywhere around the world – all you need is a headset like the Oculus Go or Oculus Quest. 



Where Can VR Be Used?

One of the first things that comes to anyone’s mind is the question about how VR can help them in their businesses. The fact is that VR can help you out, irrespective of your business or niche.


For instance, let’s say you own a coffee shop. Now, you might be selling some amazing coffee. You want people to know the vision and the story behind your brand’s coffee and the efforts it takes to make it.

You set up a VR booth in your cafe with minimal space and just a small VR setup. You can help your customers recreate the experience and let them know the story behind your brand. It won’t just entertain the guests but also help them understand your organization and the vision behind it better.


Doesn’t it sound amazing? With a small one-time investment, you didn’t just stand out from the rest of the coffee shops, but you made your consumer relate to your brand a lot more. You just used VR (or even multi-user VR!) to better sell your experience, your story and your product as well.

And it doesn’t end here. The opportunities are galore with VR. All you need to know is how, when and where to use it.


5 Ways Using Multi-User VR To Better Sell


Sell Without a Meeting Using Multi-User VR

Using Multi-User VR (aka Social VR)  you can sell and pitch a project to your client without even meeting them. Using virtual reality you can create the entire layout of an idea or your product to your client and without the hassle of carrying the product around with you. 


For instance, your tourism association or congress center is looking to increase the amount of visitors in your city. Now, instead of flying your clients over to check out the city and the event space, you can simply ask them to go through your interactive VR optimized content and help them get an immersive experience of your product. This didn’t just minimize your costs but also saved you a lot of time – AND increased the chances of them choosing your city over all the other options around the world.


social vr can help you stand out at trade shows
Standing out at Trade Shows is important – VR can help

Showcase Your Technology at Trade Shows

You can use VR/AR to showcase your technology at trade shows and exhibitions. Having a VR setup at your pavilion in a show won’t just help you stand out, it will provide your potential customers with a more immersive and engaging experience.

Having a VR setup at your pavilion will only attract more and more people there. You can use this opportunity to generate leads and network with like-minded people. You never know when you might win your next major client!


Show Them Instead of Telling

Imagine you’re a real estate business. Now there’s someone who might be selling flats and homes using the same old brochures and explaining it on a phone call. You won’t be able to explain what you want to your prospect consumer.

Using VR you can actually give them the tour of the flat they’re interested in. You can help the prospective home buyer in experiencing the place they might be living in soon. The simple VR experience made the consumer understand your product and service better. 


Bringing it one step further, through interactive 360 videos, you could even show them the feeling of living around that neighborhood, which is exactly how Hoppin’ could help. You can learn more by contacting us today for a free consultation.


Personalized and Shareable

While planning your next VR strategy, don’t just keep it limited to an ad film. Make sure that when you are going to sell through VR content, it is personalised and shareable. Always try to provide some value to your consumer.

TaylorMade formulated a VR campaign which influenced the young and upcoming golfers. The campaign focused on the golfing courses and techniques using VR technology which struck a chord with the aspiring sportsperson and involved people in sharing the content many a time.


Show Them What You Want

By using Multi-user VR to better sell your experience, you make a direct connection with your consumers. With using virtual reality you can create an experience which you want the consumer to go through, and you control that experience while giving them the feeling that they are controlling it.

For instance, you are an adventure brand selling, hiking shoes. Why don’t you help your consumers experience the rugger hiking weather by sending them to Mount Everest, or climbing to the top of a volcano? Are you a carmaker? How about making your consumer drive a car around the race track and make them live the dreamy life of a car racer?


A recent study depicts virtual reality as a catalyst that can help build emotional connections and establish moods better than any video-based content. Add multi-user vr to this and you can have one of your salespeople or customer represents guide them through their virtual journey. How cool is that!?


better sell using social vr


VR is The Future

Using Multi-User VR To Better Sell Will Become A Norm

VR has finally made an entrance. Many major companies like McDonald’s, Volvo and Ikea have already started using VR to make their selling experiences better. Volvo started using VR to give its customers a test-drive through their VR content.


In 2018, there were 171 million VR users in the world, grown rapidly from 0.2 million people in 2014. The jump in the user-oriented VR is not just increasing but it is innovating on a daily basis.  With the technology, hardware and software associated with VR getting cheaper, the technology is becoming more accessible than ever.

Moreover, millennials or the younger generation prefer experiences rather than materials. So, if you want to amp up your sales and make sure that your brand stays relevant for a longer period of time, then you should start using multi-user VR to sell your product or service better.  


This is where our multi-user VR application Hoppin’ comes into play. If you are interested in learning more about how your company, brand, destination or experience would benefit from a multi-user VR solution don’t hesitate to reach out here for a free consultation today. 


Until Next Time,

The Hoppin’ Team

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