You can still travel around the world in Social virtual reality

Meet with loved ones & friends in real places around the world - virtually & Safely

The Official Demo Video

So How Does This Work?

Step 1


Grab An Oculus Go

If You Don't Have One Yet

Step 2

Download The Hoppin' App For Free

On The Oculus Store

1 - Find Hoppin' On The Oculus Store
2 - Invite Friends & Family
connect with people in social vr - hoppin'
3a - Teleport Across The World
Meet with avatars - hoppin'
3b - In Cool And Fun Places
meet in cool places virtually - hoppin
4 - With An Interactive Menu
hangout out together virtually - hoppin
5 - And The Ability To Get More Info
learn more and share- hoppin-min

Ps. Every Sunday at 11am EST
We Have Virtual Meet-Ups!


About Hoppin'

We wanted to help bring people together in a fun and innovative way.

Regardless of physical constraints.

Regardless of mobility needs.

Without boundaries of money, time and space.

So we built Hoppin’; a place where anyone can virtually meet up in real world places, and hang out with their friends and loved ones.

Step 1

You Can Also Get It Directly On The Oculus Website

Step 2

Or Go To The Oculus Store From Within Your Headset

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