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360˚ Remote Group Telepresence for


give REMOTE guided walkthroughs & TOURS of your facilities ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD
- remotely sell, monitor, survey & manage WITH HOPPIN' -

Hoppin’ enables live remote group telepresence for smart manufacturing companies, manufacturers and experience providers to give in-(virtual)-person guided tours.

Using pre-recorded or live 360˚ video, we give you a way to teleport people into your location, and meet them virtually as avatars to show them the best of what you have to offer. 

Why Enable Telepresence

  • Smart Manufacturing Plants can virtualize their facilities, and showcase them to potential buyers. They can also use group telepresence for surveying, auditing or planning purposes.
  • Buyers & Distributors often ask their manufacturers to give them live tours of the facility. Rather than having to fly in, why not meet as avatars remotely, saving time and money, while avoiding unnecessary travel and disturbing the employees on the factory floor.
  • Parent Companies & Headquarter Offices can meet with general managers directly within their manufacturing facilities, allowing for employees to get valuable training, and for managers to do regular site inspections remotely.

Watch This Demo To Understand How This Works

Easy Implementation Process

Get Your 360 Content

A local Hoppin' partner studio or someone on your team films your location(s), processes, or events in simple high quality 360 videos.
If you have your own 360 camera, you can even go live.
We help you make informed decisions.

Upload To Hoppin'

We create a private branded channel and upload your content.
We train your team on how to use the platform and upload new content, teaching you how to give the best remote guided tours.
We make it easy for you.

Meet Anytime Anywhere

Give the ability to whoever you want to experience your new virtualized locations.
Using a VR Headset, give virtual tours through the application from your office, at conferences, and wherever else you would like.
It's time to Go Virtual.

Become One of the First Manufacturing Plants to Go Virtual on Hoppin' Today

After Going Virtual

social vr marketing with hoppin 360

Enable Your Team On a Whole New Level With Hoppin' Today

Partners & Clients

Pushing the Frontiers of Telepresence

Why Work With Us?

Save Time, Money & Resources

Implementing our remote group telepresence  solution will make you stand out from the crowd, while save time, money and resources. 

Go Virtual.

Enable Guided Remote Virtual Visits
Save Time & Money
Make Additional Revenue

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Jump Into The Future?