What is Virtual Reality Sickness and How to Avoid it?

Based on a small sample study performed by VR Heaven, 57.8% of respondents have experienced VR motion sickness at least once. This is one of the last roadblocks to the widespread adoption of Virtual Reality as a major medium. However, understanding the cause could help to select experiences adjusted to your tolerance level, assuring a pleasant exploration of everything the Metaverses and Hoppin’ have to offer.

What is Virtual Reality Sickness

Virtual reality sickness, also known as simulator sickness or cybersickness, is hypothesized to be due to a sensory conflict between what your eyes see and how your brain interprets it, versus what your body is doing. Recent advancement to VR headset technology (resolution, framerate, head and hand tracking accuracy, etc.) have significantly improved the situation, but content and user habits also play a big part in the problem.

Concretely, VR sickness is similar to motion sickness (being seasick, for example). Symptoms include nausea, dizziness, headache, sweating and excessive salivation. Knowing the various triggers will help you adopt appropriate strategies to mitigate the risk and to select appropriate VR experiences, suited to your tolerance level and your tastes.

What are the VR Sickness Triggers

VR Sickness can be triggered by multiple factors. As mentioned above, lower resolution content and lower framerate of the content will play a part, which is why the Hoppin’ team is in the process of constantly improving our video encoding formula to offer the best experience permitted by the physical limitations of the headsets. 

Motion is also a recurrent culprit. This is why Hoppin’s Chillspots and Mazes are constructed around static points of view (versus a moving camera). Here’s a quotation from a recent study outlining this conclusion: “In contrast, content consisting of low amounts of motion may be less likely to induce VR sickness, as well as in cases where head movement in a fixed position is concordant with what the user would experience in the real world.”

Duration is another factor. The longer a VR session lasts, the higher the chance of experiencing VR sickness. Sex and age are also cited as factors, but findings are mixed in that area. One factor that might explain why women are more vulnerable to VR sickness is that the headset is modelled around the head of men, with a wider interpupillary distance, preventing optimal adjustments on certain models.

How to Use Your VR Headset Without Suffering

If you are new to VR, start with short sessions and increase the duration progressively. Research suggests that some people will build resistance to VR sickness over time with the impact significantly lower on the second session (refer to this paper which outlines the result of multiple research).

Choose the content you consume carefully. Games with a lot of movement and accelerations are better suited to when you understand your personal tolerance. 

UploadVR also suggests a few odd tricks to help you overcome VR sickness. Eating ginger (known to combat nausea) beforehand or aiming a fan at yourself apparently can help mitigate the effects.

Apps and Games Suggestions for new Oculus Quest Users

Here are a few applications that are safer for new VR users on the Quest platform in terms of motion sickness.


The Hoppin’ team prides itself of being a good introduction to new VR users, due to the static points of view and the high resolution of the video scenes. By teleporting into high quality 360˚ video capture of real-world locations and attractions, we aim to help people relax by chilling and soaking into the ambiance of the various locations with their friends or interesting strangers, while adding new entries to your travel bucket list.

Notes on Blindness

What better way to avoid sensory overload than by sensory deprivation? Notes on blindness is a unique VR experience that puts you in the shoes of a blind person, guided by the musing of John Hull, a British professor who lost sight in 1983 and recorded an audio diary of his experience.

Real VR Fishing

Real VR Fishing combines 360 photography with motion design to create realistic and relaxing environments to experience fishing. It’s the next best thing compared to real life.

Top 10 Best Free Oculus Go Apps

top 10 best free oculus go apps 2020

Launched in 2018, the Oculus Go was a revolutionary step in the VR headset arena. Over the past years, this lead to many of the best free Oculus Go Apps being created. 

Since it’s launch back in 2018, the Oculus Go VR has been able to garner a lot of consumers towards VR. With no requirement of a phone or PC to power your VR headset, the Oculus Go is an easy to use, slip-on headset for all the diehard VR fans out there. 

So, with the Oculus Go being wireless, it increases the possibilities of a fully immersive and engaging VR experience.

Here we bring you a list of best free Oculus Go apps and games that you can enjoy in your Oculus Go VR headset and have a ‘VRlicious’ experience.

Top 10 Best Free Oculus Go Apps

Hoppin’ VR – Travel Teleportation With Friends & Family


The Hoppin’ VR app is an all in one app for your virtual reality needs. The app is very easy to use and has an interactive interface which is simple to understand. Hoppin’ VR allows a user to roam around the world in different cities and corners of the world by using just a VR headset.

It does not just stop here. When you log on to Hoppin’ you can also invite your friends over and explore the world together in your cool Oculus avatars. And while you’re at it, why not meet new people through our social aspect of VR?

The Hoppin’ app allows you to meet new members from all the Hoppin’ destinations around the world. So, put on your glasses, choose the location and teleport your mind into the world of virtual reality.

Oculus Store Link: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/1866016286807254/

Altspace VR – Hang Out With VR Community Virtually

Altspace VR was one of the first social VR experiences. Think of it like any social networking app or website just a lot more immersive and fun.

The Altspace app allows a user to chat and hang out in chat rooms with other users. Moreover, it’s not just chatting or meeting new people. It gets better. The VR app allows you to attend virtual meetups and events like concerts, parties etc, in a manner like you are really there. The simplicity and the immersive nature of the entire app make it one of the best free Oculus Go apps around.

So, go and experience the virtual world of fun and hanging out.

Ps. There’s a very active FB group for AltSpace VR Pals here, and discord channel here.

Oculus Store Link: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/941480505944712

Mint VR – Your Personal Video Database

Mint VR is like your personal VR video library. There is a complete library full of videos which can be viewed along with subtitles in four different languages.

Using Mint VR you can view a video in different viewing angles so that you feel like you’re completely immersed in the environment around you. The Mint VR also has a points system which is credited to you based upon your watching point and your activity status on the app.

The user can use these points to unlock the paid videos.

Oculus Store Link : https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/1113837398684416/

Face Your Fears – Horror in VR

Face Your Fears is one of its kind horror VR apps. What makes FYF unique is the way it amalgamates the horror element with virtual reality. The game offers various ‘doors’, or different themes and levels, which can be purchased within the app.

Horror experience, within the app, becomes even easier when you play in your Oculus Go VR glasses. So, if you’re someone who likes to experience those chills then go and download Face Your Fears today. You won’t regret it.

Oculus Store Link: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/1168200286607832

Within – Curated Immersive VR Stories

Within is the epitome of cinematic VR. The  Within app offers some amazingly shot and curated VR stories which always make you want for more.

The Within app has various VR films in different genres to satiate your hunger for the VR content. Ranging from comedy to animation and from music videos to full-fledged motion pictures, the app has some finest and handpicked content pieces which makes you immerse fully in the app’s interface. 

Considering their principle of ‘quality over quantity’, the number of stories and videos are currently limited but they are adding one amazing story every month. So, log on to it right now and experience the world of cinematic VR.

Oculus Store Link: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/731949250255823

Poker VR – Poker In VR

You don’t need to call you friends and acquaintances over to play a game of poker now. Poker VR has got you covered.

The Poker VR app is an amazingly curated and developed VR app which keeps the entire operations of the game pretty straightforward. The entire game revolves around a tournament which has more than 50 trophies up for grabs. So wear your VR glasses and pack/fold and raise in style!

Oculus Store Link: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/686548444781796/

Guided Meditation – Meditate In VR

If you are someone who meditates you know how important it is to set the right mood and ambience. Well, the Guided Meditation VR app does exactly that.

The Guided Meditation app takes you through a number of serene environments which can turn out to be perfect for your meditation session. All you need to do is, put in your VR headset, decide a place and plug in your earphones and let the surrounding environment around you soothe your mood.

Oculus Store Link: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/929143807179080

Melody VR – Music In VR

The Melody VR app is your gateway to amazing concerts, especially developed, designed and curated for you.

The app allows you to experience concerts from anywhere you want and any way you want. Be it a VIP session, an intimate specially organised music performance or a full-blown rock concert, they’ve got it all.

So, if you’re someone who loves experiencing music up, close and personal, then download this VR app today.

Oculus Store Link: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/1168045643267750/

Oculus Rooms – Hang Out In VR

This is a default app that’s present in every Oculus Go headset. The Oculus Rooms app seems to be very basic but yet to the point and quite fun to use, So, the entire concept around it is quite simple.

All you have got to do is, bring your creative interior designer side out and design a room using a plethora of personalisation options available in the app itself. Moreover, in the party room option of the chat, you can even call in your friends and host a party for them.

Oculus Store Link: NA

Netflix – Watch Movies In VR

We know what you are thinking. “Netflix on VR?” While the app is free, you need an existing netflix subscription of course.

Yes. Netflix is available on VR as well. Now adding this onto our list becomes a no-brainer. When someone can lavishly and immersively watch the movies and TV shows on their phones then why would they limit themselves to their small phones?

Oculus Store Link: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/890562797701371

And that’s it! The top 10 best free Oculus Go Apps!

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