Wondering Where To Share VR 360 Content? Here are 8 Great Places

Virtual Reality can provide a surreal experience, especially when it has to do with content you are creating or filming. Whether you have a 360 camera for fun, or are trying to make a name for yourself as a 360 video producer, there are many great places to share VR 360 Content. By doing so, you open yourself up to new opportunities and potential clients, and get to share your creations with the world. And not only can you share your content, but with some platforms you can even hang out with friends in your own content! 

Here is a list of 8 great places where you can share your virtual reality 360 video content. 

Youtube VR:

This is evidently one of the first places you would look to share your 360 content. Youtube is one of the most penetrated brands in the world. It is well established, and YouTube’s VR feature was implemented many years back making it easy to upload 360 vr content. 

It recommends you to upload videos in equirectangular format i.e 2:1 ration format, for a better viewing experience for the viewer. Youtube supports videos with a number of frames i.e 24, 25,30,48, 50 or 60 frames per second. 

Veer TV: 

Veer is a photo and video sharing platform that’s exclusively dedicated to experiential or immersive content. Veer allows you to upload content without the technicalities of a high metadata requirement. Veer also protects its content creators by enforcing copyright softwares to protect their content. The FAQ’s clearly state that the content creator has full rights to his/her content. The platform also accepts videos and photos in various degrees – 180, 270 and 360. The best part is that it is highly compatible with most VR platforms and has easy functionality. As far as technicalities of upload are concerned, there is no size limit. However, minimum file size should be 720p for a fairly good VR experience. 

VIMEO 360:

One of the most sought after players in the industry is Vimeo 360. It is a rather refined product that serves an exceptional VR experience. The site is highly automated and detects content that was shot in 360 degrees. The special feature of this platform is that just by checking a box, traditional content can be adapted and shown as spherical 360 degree content. How convenient is that?! Also, with it’s new social publishing feature, you can upload your Vimeo video onto other social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube just as native content. Calling their content an open Global marketplace, Vimeo claims to have 240 million monthly users worldwide. The maximum upload limit is 8k and playback is 4k. 

Hoppin World: 

Hoppin’ is a rather new app currently available on the Oculus Go. Content creators like you can reach out to apply to have your content added to the platform. Once added, people around the world can hang out with their friends within that content. 

The Hoppin’ World app allows its users to meet with friends and family around the world through 360 videos of cool places, and it enables them to feel what it is like to actually be in those places. If you are an enthusiastic content creator and want to share it with the world, you can apply to have it added on Hoppin’ World. Upon approval, have it published and share your experience with all the other users. 

You retain all the rights as the exclusive owner of your content. Therefore this is a great way to get your name out there without any extra costs, and once your content is uploaded you can literally hang out in your content with your friends and loved. Pretty cool eh!?

Facebook 360: 

There’s nothing like the social media platform we’ve used for years. Facebook offers a customised experience for every user. The biggest advantage that Facebook caries is its illustrious user database. Facebook 360 is a free app and seamlessly designed for the Gear VR and Oculus headsets. Upload content and allow your friends to access it. They can share content, leave tips and feedback. Flat videos can be turned into 360 degrees, just check a box and you are good to go. Discoverability is promised by Facebook by virtue of its large user base. 

Flickr VR: 

This is a web and mobile enabled app. View images in 360 degrees with Flickr VR. The team has reported users having uploaded thousands of photos. Designed for Samsung Gear VR as well. The software is designed to be able to detect equirectangular images and also enables a VR viewer on the images page. This software mainly empowers better photo viewing in Virtual Reality. So for all you 360 Picture Content Producers, this one’s for you.


Panoramic view or larger than the 2:1 ratio is covered seamlessly by KUULA VR. You can share your vacation wide frame and panoramic pictures on this platform. An interactive photo VR platform, that interestingly let’s you view another image from assigned hotspots on one image. In addition to the above, the images in this virtual tours may carry links or texts to video or other elements. This platform has proven to be rather informative and can serve as an excellent mode of education for the younger lot. A number of addon elements further enhance the platform experience for the user, use these to enhance your VR experience. 


Diving deeper into technicality, Visbit takes your ultra high-res 360 degree videos, encodes them and then internally hosts them. This makes it easier for one to view high-res 360 degree videos smoothly. Therefore, if you are looking for a refined VR experience and want to view it smoothly, get onto Visbit TV. Visbit provides a highly immersive experience since videos play without any friction. 

So Which Is The Best?

They all have their pros and cons.

From the perspective of the best place to share VR 360 video content, Veer probably takes the lead. Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook would be close seconds.

From the perspective of one the best places to share VR 360 content, FlickR is the probably takes the lead.

From the perspective of the best place to share 360 video content that you can then hang out with friends in, Hoppin’ takes the lead. It is the most user friendly platform that allows you to hang out with other people, and lets you share everything with your friends and connect with them on a daily basis. You can try it here if you haven’t already; we also recommend you learn how to invite friends on the Oculus Go so you can try it with friends from the start. If you don’t have an Oculus Go, you can get one here.

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