Creating scenarios virtually can be rather exciting. For example, it’s exciting to know that in today’s day and age one can access any part of the world anytime we want (that’s what Hoppin’ does!). We can access it, create it and enjoy it as per our convenience. When we use technology to enhance reality, it offers various benefits, including being able to completely teleport your mind. 

Here are the technologies that allow you to teleport your mind and experience the world differently.

Using Virtual Reality To Teleport Your Mind

Virtual Reality has transformed the lives of the early adopters. Putting on a headset and being transported into a 3D virtual world curated by technology was initially just for fun and games. However over the years, this technology has improved to the point where it is more helpful and offers impactful experiences that benefit the world. For example, Social VR apps, such as our app Hoppin’, allows you to teleport your mind to real world locations, and to then hang out in that 360 video content with your friends all around the world. Simulating images can transport you from one end of the world to another in a few seconds. How cool is that?!

Using Augmented Reality To Teleport Your Mind

By using augmented reality (AR) apps, users can view the world through their perspective i.e via a lens or high mobile camera. Augmented reality enables the superimposing of virtual and computer generated objects onto real world objects to enhance day to day experiences. For instance, superimposing a bowl that’s smiling back at you onto a table that exists in reality (freaky eh?!). Augmented reality not only enhances graphical elements but can enable sound and touch as well. 

Using Mixed Reality

By merging two worlds, an exciting virtual world can be created. Mixed reality (MR) does exactly that for you. Mixed reality enables the coming together of the real and virtual world. Elements from both the worlds are used in one virtual experience. 

This technology has immensely helped in medical procedures and is used across various other industries. We will see it continue to grow over the course of the decade.

A New Paradigm Is Born -Extended Reality 

laptop vr and ar

An amalgamation of the above 3 is extended reality (ER). It pretty much covers everything in the spectrum of virtual reality. Anything that is computerised and 3D and transports or teleports your mind or virtual self into a different area is termed as extended reality. 

It is fascinating how technology has the capability to teleport your mind. Virtual technology can be leveraged to effectively take a person from one end of the world to another. For instance a doctor in America can perform a surgery on a patient in Delhi. Soon its a power of that will make you believe that you are in a different world altogether. 

Which Is The Best To Teleport Your Mind?


Having tried the majority of the apps out there, we would recommend Wander for 2D pictures of pretty much all of the world’s landmarks, and Hoppin’ for the closest thing to teleportation. You can easily teleport your mind, creating a physical illusion of being transported to a different area via just a simple app. 

While AR and MR offer the opportunity to tack on more to the real world, our VR app allows you to teleport yourself to anywhere else in the world, and to hang out with your loved ones within the 360 video content that represents that part of the world. It is only virtual reality that has the power to transport your mind from one corner of the world to another in seconds, and we are at the forefront of it all. 

When it comes to VR teleportation, there are a few other players in the market. VR apps like Veer TV, Youtube VR, Vimeo and many more are serving as great platforms for people to upload and experience content from around the world; here’s a full list of platforms for people to share 360 content. Many of these don’t allow you to hang out with friends or loved ones though, which is where Hoppin’ comes in.

Using an Oculus go headset, and with the Hoppin app, you can reach Paris while sitting on your couch in New York city. Can you believe that? Hoppin enables you to dive into a high definition virtual world using just one headset. The precision of the videos will instantly teleport your mind to the destination that you are viewing. It also provides many options for destinations and content therefore giving you many places to experience via Hoppin. The best part is that you don’t do this alone! Hoppin also allows you to invite friends and experience VR with them. 

So if you’ve been putting off your girls trip or not getting the time for a family vacation, try Hoppin and teleport your mind today!

Ps. If you haven’t used VR before, check out these VR Safety tips that everyone should know.

More Natural Ways Teleport Your Mind 


While the above exemplifies technology at its best, there are other ways of escaping the real world while still pursuing the city life hustle. If we move away from technology for a second, we explore the natural ways to teleport your mind. Measures like meditation and dreaming require no headsets and definitely no technology. Neuroscience explains that the subconscious mind will take you places once you are cut off from the real world. Meditation helps you connect with the simpler and nicer things in life, makes you conscious of your surroundings and only focus on the positives. 

At the end of the day, it is all about what makes you feel better and enables you to unwind from a hectic day at work or your busy schedule. Leveraging VR technology to help people be in a better mental and physical space is all that an app like Hoppin aspires to do!

If you haven’t tried it yet, you can download the app for free here. And if you don’t have an Oculus Go, you can find one here.   If you are a 360 content producer, consider sharing your content on our platform (you keep all the rights!).

We at Hoppin’ want to make sure this technology is used for the good of the world, and so we invented a VR App called Hoppin’ (which you can try out here), that allows you to teleport your mind to real locations. We hope this will bring people closer together, and give them the motivation to go visit those locations in the real world. 

Teleport your mind to a peaceful place with friends. Experience different destinations from around the world with your loved ones. Get teleported. It’s time we used technology to come closer to people again. Hang out with your friends, experience everything that you’ve been missing out on. It is high time you experienced the best of both worlds. 

Until Next Time,

The Hoppin’ Team

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