Trade show VR services are going to aid your business – as they increasingly have in many cases over the past few years. 

How so?

Well, imagine this scenario – You are at a trade show, promoting your brand. Now, so are a hundred others. While trade shows are an opportunity for your brand, they are highly competitive as well. Now imagine, in the same trade show, that there’s one other trade show exhibitor next to you with a setup which looks rather futuristic and immersive but at the same time quite minimal. You observe that the crowd is gathering in that stall and are quite intrigued.

What worked for your neighbor? Well, virtual reality did.

With just a small setup and an innovative strategy, the brand managed to enthral its audience by giving them a more immersive experience that engaged with the public, and brought them to a place where the only thing they were experiencing was that brand. Goodbye thousands of random stimuli, hello thousands of on-brand stimuli.

Now let’s see how your brand can use VR technology to stand out at a trade show, and how working with trade show vr service professionals could help you set up for success at your next trade show event.

How To Use Trade Show VR Services To Stand Out

According to 2015 data, 75 % of Forbes World’s Most Valuable Brands, have already invested in AR/VR in some capacity. New studies reveal this number has increased manifolds by now, trickling down to medium sized businesses and brands as well.

You don’t need a large amount of capital to inculcate trade show VR services in your next setup. 

Marketing follows a principle, called AIDA. AIDA, which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action, is what you need to do through a VR setup at your next trade show outing.

Every potential customer and investor gets tired of hearing thousands of sales pitches at an exhibition. This is especially true for any day after the first. So instead try creating a VR sales pitch for your brand. Make a 360 movie or a VR tour of your company’s operations, for example.

You can display your entire product lineup at a trade show just with a pair of VR headset.

Advantages of Trade Show VR Services

  1. Less space requirement: Instead of travelling with heavy, complicated and expensive equipment, you can opt for VR. A VR tour of your brand, its products, services, origin and a lot more can be adjusted into a pair of VR glasses. Yes, its that simple.
  2. Decrease your costs: Booking a place at a trade show or exhibition can sometimes be exorbitantly high. The larger your equipment and setup, the higher the cost. So, instead of bringing a large setup and increasing unnecessary costs, make a one-time investment into a VR setup.
  3. Immerse and Engage: Trade show VR services ensure your brand seems a class apart at any exhibition. With VR you can give your potential customers and investors an immersive experience at the spot. Any sort of experience which directly involves the consumer tends to have a greater saleable factor.

Trade Show VR Services To Look Out For

Now when you are already familiar with the what and why of trade show VR services, let’s explore the ‘hows’ of the service. Here are some ways which can help your company stand out just by a one-time VR investment.

  1. Social VR: By using VR you can connect with your prospect customer on a social level. Using virtual reality, you can literally teleport your clients and/or customers into a whole new world. Make them experience a whole new world using a pair of VR glasses.
  2. Multi-User Hangouts: Use your virtual reality setup to create a multi-user hangout experience. For instance, if you’re someone owning a car brand, you can make your consumer experience your other showrooms. Moreover, you can make it more interactive by including a salesman who describes the cars the consumer is looking at.
  3. 360-degree video: A 360-degree video about your product, destination, experience and/or service can do wonders. Watch this video to experience a 360-degree view of Mt. Everest by North Face. The video is an amazing way to showcase the mountain climbing experience and fits perfectly in the marketing strategy of the brand.
  4. Immersive Content: VR is changing the game for experiential marketing. Virtual reality is developed on the pillars of immersive content and engagement, which turn out to be some of the most important factors in marketing as well.

    For instance, Thomas Cook, in its ‘Try before you fly’ campaign gave the users an experience of a helicopter ride around New York, or a view from the Empire State Building. The campaign saw a 40 % ROI increase. Had they implemented VR earlier, there is a better chance they may have survived rather than going through bankruptcy!
  5. Virtual Storytelling: While others rely on the same old sales pitch formula, you can go a step ahead. Tell a story, and fully immerse your potential customers into it. A story about your brand’s existence, it’s vision and positive social impact, all with a simple pair of VR headsets. Every year the technology is becoming more powerful and more financially accessible, to the point where an Oculus Go is now only $150. 

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Conclusion | Trade Show VR Services Are The Next Big Thing

According to a report by Techjury, VR has the highest word of mouth marketability. In a survey they conducted, it was found out that 81 % of people who experienced VR at an event or showroom told their friends about the experience. 

Most of the big names of the industry have already adapted to virtual reality. While they have realized the potential, it is only the beginning of the incorporation of VR and AR into every step of the sales process – so make sure you don’t stay behind.

Are you thinking about potentially adopting trade show VR services? Maybe you are worried about the high costs and technical complexities? You will be surprised to learn that the solutions are now more affordable and easy to implement, without compromising on quality in any way.

So leave all your worries at bay with us by reaching out today for a free consultation where you can learn about what is possible. Click here for a free 30 minute consultation with our experts. 

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